To access infringement reports go to main menu on the left of the application window, click Reports and select the Infringements tile.

The application will perform a full analysis on every uploaded driver file trying to detect infringements based on various European Regulations such as 561/2006, 403/2016 and also checks for infringement related to Working times directives  15/2012. Infringements will be also classified as minor, serious, very serious, most serious classifications either by 561/2006 or 403/2016 by clicking on the classification switch.

The content window will display the infringement occurrence time, the European regulation code along with the paragraph number, a description of the infringement, the duration of the infringement, the norm, the difference and the classification according to the classification switch.

Driver selection field

You can select one or multiple drivers to list their infringements.

Period selection field

Choose the desired period to view

Quick selection of period

Populate the date range selection with one of the predefined options

Infringement filter

Turn on or off specific infringements in order to make the list more visible. 

Directive 15/2002 turns on/off working time infringements.

Directive 165/2014 turns on/off country code setting requirement at every beginning and end of work period.

Checking for working time at daily start is a requirement whether the driver must verify the vehicle prior starting the journey and the tachograph must be set to work at that time.