In order to be compliant with European and AETR transportation law every goods carrying vehicle should be fitted with digital tachograph and should be driven by a driver who has an attestation according to European Regulation 561/2006.

Every driver should hold a valid driver card emitted by the the authority responsible in it's country of residence.

Digital tachographs and digital driver cards have to be downloaded and the data should be stored properly in order to present the authorities proof of good practice.

Our systems Tacho2SAFE, Tacho4SAFE, TachoSAFE RDU can accomplish the downloading tasks by multiple methods such as manual download and local storage, manual download and cloud storage and completely automatic download and cloud storage.

Besides downloading the data you might need to analyze your data in order to verify if your drivers comply with regulations and sometimes you will also need to do some extra steps in order to keep you fleet safe and compliant.

With the  TachoSAFE solutions you can download, store, analyze, generate reports and stay compliant, all within a single place at

The TachoSAFE WEB application is intended for fleet owners, transport managers, drivers, digital tachograph download solution providers.

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