The checklist report is probably the first step in order to stay compliant with the European Regulation 561/2006. As Infringement report is the second step in analysis, your first step is to know if every download task was made on time, every card is valid and you did not exceed the required calibration periods.

The first page of the application will show you the summary of this report as the most important tasks that has to be performed on your fleet.

Driver card and tachograph downloads which require attention or immediate attention.

Driver card validity notification in order to obtain new valid card for your drivers in time.

Calibration notification to make the necessary reservation in tachograph service to recalibrate your tachograph.

After performing the required tasks and downloading you cards and tachographs these indicators will reflect the changes.

By clicking any of the indicators you can access the more detailed Checklist report and see which truck or driver needs your attention. The detail report will contain information such as last download, next download required, days to next download, validity for card, days to expiration of card validity, next required calibration in case of vehicles.