If your fleet is fitted with TachoSAFE RDU GPRS, RDU 4G devices you can also benefit of the powerful live forecasting of driving and resting times.

This function calculates the best possible driving and resting scenarios based on latest driver card download. The calculation accuracy depends upon the download frequency of the driver card customizable in the RDU Manager application.

Note: You can use this feature even if you upload your latest files from a manual download tool.

Column description from left to right:

Current status, download time

Driver name, driver cardnumber

Continuous driving time

Daily driving time

Weekly driving time

Two weekly driving time

Daily continuous work

Daily work

Weekly work with 16 week work rolling average(must not exceed 48 hour)

The next daily break and the next weekly break

Next possible start and length of the working period

The top row

the total available time.

the blue bullets show the count this time is available during a week (example shows 1 remaining out of 2)

The bottom row

left counter is the time ellapsed

right counter is the time remaining