Until the Over The Air update will be available all firmware updates has to be done manually.

Download the attached files and make sure you save them to an easily accessible place on your computer, such as Downloads folder or Documents folder. 

Note Make sure that the file names will not be altered as Windows tends to add numbers on the end of the file names as they are saved and there are previous version of the files in that folder.

Connect your device with the provided cable to your PC and copy the two files into the Download folder on the device.

After disconnecting and reconnecting the USB or by inserting a driver card the device will update it's firmware and will continue with the original operation.

Note Make sure the device has at least 3 battery indicators lit otherwise the firmware update will not be done until proper charge.

You can check the device fw version, before or after update in the "Version" file

TACHO5SAFE -> Version -> Edit/Open the Version Text Document