If you see this error message in the logs:

No response received from CAN, vehicle not under ignition.

Then the download is not working because the tachograph CAN port isn't enabled, or the unit isn't mounted after ignition and the truck is not started.


1. The tachograph doesn't have a CAN interface on the C port, probably old tachograph.

    -Check the tachograph part number if it is able to be downloaded with remote download and it has C port download interface.

2. The terminal is with a K-Line converter and the tachograph wasn't enabled with a DTCO Update Card Front Interface.

    -A DTCO Update Card Front Interface must be inserted in the tachograph to enable the remote front download on the tachograph

3. The tachograph C port wasn't enabled.

    -Should be enabled with a CTC|| or other tool in a workshop CAN C and remote download.

4. The terminal wasn't mounted after ignition

5. There is another unit connected to the C port

    - If there is another unit connected to the C port and there are three 120 Ohm terminator resistor on the line then the CAN bus will stop working. Please check the RDU GPRS2 Connection Scenarios.pdf file in the attachments for more help.