Before moving a terminal from one company to another, please delete the stored data from the unit in the RDU Manager by right clicking with the mouse on the terminal in the Vehicle list and clicking on the Erase downloaded data menu.

Or you can delete the downloaded with the Configuration tool over the USB in the Command tab with the Format File System.

If you want to move terminals from one company to another, login to the RDU admin site and go to the Settings -> Remote units menu.

Select the mother company of the company where the terminals are, or the mother company of the company where you want to move the terminals, so if bought the companies are a sub company of your company, then you don't have to select any other company.

Click on the Move Terminals button above the terminal list in the right upper side.

You will see the move terminals window.

Select the new company where you want to move the terminals.

You can select the terminals in the left list. You can double click on the terminals that you want to move (2.a) or press the arrow button (>) to move multiple selected terminals to the list.

You can also upload the list from the clipboard (2.c) or from a file (2.d) that contains in every line a terminal ID

Inster the terminals in the load data from Clipboard window every terminal id in a new line and press the OK button.

After inserting the terminals they should appear in the right list after that press the Save button.

When the terminals are moved a popup message should appear.