When you see some blinking on the download unit then you can connect the unit to the computer and start the ConfigurationTool to see the errors flags that are set on the unit.

Or you can count the blinkings and associate with the error in the list.

For example the led is green it means everything is OK. If the led is red it means that it is connected to the server but there is some error. Then count the error blinking for example 7 blinking means CAN error.

  1. Simcom Error - The unit needs to be replaced
  2. Sim Card Error - There is no sim card in the terminal or the sim card is not recognized. If there is a sim card inserted and it is working properly in a telephone then try to clean the contacts of the sim card holder with some alcohol.
  3. PIN Error - The provided PIN code is not correct, input another PIN code in the GPRS settings and press the write button
  4. PUK Error - The PIN code was entered three times wrong and now the PUK error is set. You need to take out the sim card and enter the PUK code in a phone to unlock the sim card.
  5. Low or no mobile signal - The mobile signal is not strong enough for the unit to go online. (On FW version lower than 29 this error means BT Dongle not found.)
  6. External Flash Error - The Flash on the terminal is damaged the unit needs to be replaced.
  7. CAN Error - The terminal doesn't receive any response from the CAN interface. Check out the No response received from CAN, vehicle not under ignition. solution.
  8. Remote Download Error - The terminal doesn't receive any response from the tachograph in remote mode. Check out the Remote downloading not enabled with service card or vehicle not under ignition solution.
  9. RDU not in database - You should open a ticket when you see this error.
  10. Wrong Server Error - You should open a ticket when you see this error.
  11. Time not set - This is not relevant because the terminals should get the time from the mobile operator or from the tachograph or in worst case from the client program.
  12. Can't Connect to Server - If the terminal can connect to the internet but it can't connect to our server. If the client program can connect to the server that is set in the Server tab then there is something wrong with the sim card access to this server.
  13. Can't connect in roaming - The unit is in roaming and in the GPRS tab the Enable Roaming was unchecked and that's why the unit can't connect to our server.
  14. APN Error - The APN entered in the GPRS tab is probably not correct for the SIM card, you should check with the provider of the SIM card the APN settings
  15. SIM Registration denied - The SIM card can't connect to the mobile network, probably the sim card isn't registered to the network or it has expired.
  16. BlueTooth FW missing - The unit can't work in front download mobe, because the SIMCOM module doesn't have BlueeTooth FW on it.
  17. BT Dongle not found - In front download mod the unit needs the BT Dongle to download the tachograph and it can"t find it.

You can clear the error flags when you uncheck the checkbox and press the Write Errors button, but if the error cause happens again, then it will be checked again.

You can read the error flags with the Read Errors button.