If you are moving the terminal from on truck to another then you should delete the downloaded tachograph and driver card data from the terminal. You can do this in two way.

    1.With the Configuration Tool

        Connect the terminal to the computer with an usb cable, start the Configuration Tool. Go to the Command tab (1). Press the Format File System button (2). When asked press the Yes button (3) and the device will be formatted and all data will be erased from the terminal.

        If you have an old GPRS1 unit you can delete the downloaded data with a configuration tool and  the Configuration utility on the Commands section with the Erase button.

    2.From the web interface

        Go to the Update Terminals tab int the Remote Unit Administration site (probably not visible to you so just click on the link: https://tachosafe.ro/web/rduadmin/updateterminals)

  1. Uncheck the Show only old FWs checkbox so you will see all your terminals.
  2. Search for your terminal in the RDU id list
  3. Press the Filter button
  4. Check if your terminal is online, if it is not online then you won't be able to delete the downloaded data from it.
  5. Press the delete icon on the end of the list
  6. When asked press the Delete button

    If everything work correctly you should see a File system formatted message in the Message field.

If you have moved the unit in the same company to another truck then you should unmount the terminal so the downloaded dates will be erased from the  database and the terminal will appear as a new terminal in your list. Go to the Remote Units tab under the Status menu:

  1. Search for your terminal in the RDU id field

  2. Press the Filter button
  3. Press the unmount icon on the end of the list
  4. When asked press the unmount button

Now all download date and registration number should be erased from the terminal. Restart the client application and if the terminal is online it will start to download the data from it.