If you have older GPRS unit that were not received with the FW version 32 from us, then please update there bootloader so that they are working properly.

The units that you received from us with the FW version 32 or newer don't need to be updated to the FW version 33 or newer and there bootloader don't need to be updated to the new version as well, because they have the new bootloader.

First update the FW version of the unit to the latest version by following this solution: GPRS2 Firmware update with Configuration tool

After you have updated the device to FW version 33 or newer you can update the bootloader.

Create a shortcut for the ConfigurationTool by right clicking with the mouse (1) and Create shortcut (2)

You can rename the created shortcut to Bootloader Update.

Right click again on the newly created shortcut (1) and Properties (2).

In the Properties we will add the bootloader parameter to the end of the target field.

Now start the Configuration Tool with the modified shortcut and you will see in the Configuration Tool an Update Bootloader tab in the end. Select this tab (1) and press the Update Bootloader button (2).

A folder selector will appear and select the proper USB disk for the RDU unit (1) and press OK (2).

After that a file selector will appear to select the Bootloader.bin binary file that contains the new Bootloader for the RDU unit and press the Open button.

You can download the Bootloader*.bin and Bootloader*.crc file from the attachments.

Please double check the type of your device because you can damage it if you upload a wrong bootloader to the device.

If everything works properly you should see a similar output window

If the BOOTLOADER UPDATED message appears it means that the bootloader was updated. Please disconnect and reconnect the device.

Click on the Log tab and check if the last line contains the "Bootloader v2.2.4 (May 16 2023 08:49:29) Redlib" message or some higher numbers and newer dates.

If you see this message it means that the update was successful.